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Dextromethorphan (DXM) is used as the main ingredient in more than 100 different over the counter (OTC) drugs used for treating colds and flus. Its intended use is for treating coughs and allergies related symptoms. Different forms of DXM are available and can be found in form of chewable tablets, syrups and dissolving strips that are placed under the tongue.

About DXM

DXM was first released in 1950s. This drug was approved by FDA. Unfortunately, as time went by people discovered that when used in large doses it make one high; the same feeling one gets when high on alcohol. The government got involved and manufacturers of cold medications took measures to control the abuse of DXM. In the process of trying to curb the abuse of this drug the manufactures changed the formula to more unpleasant taste but that did go well with sales so they had to make it taste sweeter. This opened up for the medicine to become a recreational drug. When taken in the recommended dosage it can be safely used in cough suppressant medicines.

How Do People Get DXM In Washington D.C?

DXM is not an illegal drug and it can be bought anywhere at your convenience. Groceries stores, supermarkets, wall marts you can never miss it. Teens have access to internet and they can open sites that are drug related and research on how they can use DXM as a drug. 1-10 homes in Washington, D.C have these medicines in their cabinets. Not only is DXM easily accessible, but it is also cheap.

Side Effects Of DXM Abuse

Just like other hardcore drugs, DXM has serious effects on a user when consumed in large doses. It also has major side effects which can lead to even death. Common side effects of DXM include:

  • Inability to focus
  • Lying
  • Mood change without reason
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Sullen mood and depression
  • Vomiting
  • hallucinations

How To Overcome Denial and Seeking Treatment for DXM Addiction

While DXM is not physically addictive in nature, psychological effects from the drug can keep one on strong hold. Teens mostly are the ones who abuse this drug with the majority taking it co-currently with some other hard drugs.  If you or a loved one is addicted to DXM, you need to contact a good institution for professional help and advice. Treatment consists of a number of programs such as inpatient admission, medication to various symptoms, counseling and support system (Group  therapy).  In the rehabilitation center, patients’ symptoms get treated on an as-needed basis while qualified professionals help during the detox process.  Therapy will help the person to understand their addiction and address behaviors related to addiction and help build a strong mindset to avoid relapse.

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