bath salt addiction

Bath salt is a synthetic drug that causes feelings of euphoria among users. It does this by stimulating the production of various neurochemicals in the brain. Bath salt also alters the way the body processes these neurochemicals, resulting in pleasurable feelings among users. People who use bath salt also report hallucinations which are called ‘trips.’ These hallucinations could be pleasurable or scary depending on the mood of the user and other factors. Fortunately, there is bath salt addiction treatment in Washington, DC. within easy reach.

Understanding Bath Salt Drugs in Washington, D.C.

Bath salt drug is named so because manufacturers and sellers would often package it as bath salt in order to be able to transport and sell it in the streets. The drug has a relatively long history, having been first developed in 1920. Bath salt remained relatively unknown until several decades ago when manufacturers started producing and packaging it as a ‘designer drug.’ Its use spread across the US, Europe and eventually the rest of the world.

Today, the drug is prevalent in most American cities including Washington DC. By 2011, the drug accounted for nearly 23,000 ER admissions every year. Usage of bath salt is most prevalent among young adults in their twenties.

Effects of Bath Salt Use

Apart from the short-term euphoric effects of bath salt, the drug has some serious long-term effects. It is very addictive and can have extreme withdrawal symptoms. Due to this, people who use the drug for some time are at great risk of getting addicted. Some of the long-term effects include:

  • Financial problems – maintaining an addiction to bath salt is fairly expensive and addicts very quickly run into financial problems. This can manifest as an inability to pay bills or as increased debt.
  • Professional problems – people who are addicted to bath salt might be unable to function in the workplace due to a variety of reason. The first one is that victims of this drug often are unable to sleep, which leads to chronic fatigue. Secondly, the drug cases user to be unable to pay attention and this can have serious effects on workplace productivity.
  • Social problems – users of this drug can find themselves struggling to maintain social links. Bath salt causes users to be irritable and to have extreme mood swings. This may cause strain in the family and lead to a user becoming isolated.
  • Health problems – bath salt causes chemical imbalances in the user’s brain and this may have some serious long-term effects. Medical conditions that can be caused by, or made worse by bath salt use include heart diseases, mental conditions such as psychosis and others. Bath salt users have also been known to develop lifelong tremors that persist even when the user stops using the drug.

Get Help for Bath Salt Addiction in Washington, D.C. Today

Addiction to bath salt can be overcome through professional intervention. If you have a loved one who is struggling with bath salt addiction in Washington D.C., you should treat them with compassion even as you seek professional help. For expert advice and intervention, do not hesitate to call our Washington D.C. addiction hotline at (240) 207-1351.